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Where Things Stand (2020, Finances)

I am currently unemployed, though acrively looking for work. I also live with my mother in Minnesota. That sounds horrible in and of itself, but in the context of everything things are not as bad as they deserve to be. I have a college degree, which is good. There is currently $0 in outstanding student loan debt. In fact, I finished college with a surplus. Just about any other American would have to survive the military to do that. Obviously I would never want to put on that uniform. I won't specify the exact amount in the fund but it is enough to put down on a home when the time comes for that. The fund is still gaining compound interest. Part of it is stocks, part of it is bonds. The bonds accrue dividends which are reinvested into more bonds. Luck had everything to do with this. My father was a chemical engineer. He is currently retired and lives in Delaware. He knew how to handle money better than I ever will. He was a boomer, but unlike most boomers was very stingy, just like his parents. I was very upset with his money habits but have learned to appreciate them over time. My brother still has student loan debt. He went to university in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had a dorm room and a "real" college experience. It took him five years. He has a Master's degree. I took a far different path. I went to community college from 2011 until 2013. Things fell apart. I tried living on my own from 2014-2015 and that fell apart too. I moved back in with my parents and continue to live with my mother. The fact that I only pay $150 a month in rent, took classes online, and worked made the difference between a surplus and a mountain of debt. I will be drawing $500 a week from my former college fund until employment is secured. I have a college degree and two job interviews pending. I am applying everywhere I can. Through my adulthood I have had far more luck than I deserve and I have to thank my father for that. Maybe someday I'll be better with money. On the spending side, that is. Completely different story there. Very impulsive with my income am I.

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