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Singular Focus

I just want to graduate college. I just want to graduate college and move on as quickly as possible. I am shoving aside as much as I can until I graduate, so I can graduate as quickly as possible.

I want to be done by Furry Migration, which begins on 2019-09-06.

Certainly by my 27th Birthday on 2019-09-28.

I though I could do daily dance practice leading up to Furry Migration, but I may end up not going to the dance competition, and may not even be bringing my fursuit (METRO Mutt) to Furry Migration.

I was also working on a secret project but progress on that is also going to stall until I graduate college.

All that is left is the term paper. I can ram that through in a month as long as progress is made on it every day.

It is due on 2019-10-31. I want to be done well before then.

If it is done before my Birthday I can combine the celebration of it and my graduation.

If it is done before Furry Migration I can celebrate at the convention. That is optimal. Let's aim for that.

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