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Next Project

After writing a novel that bombed, I have decided to take a stab at nonfiction. A long opinion piece. One that is political in nature. I don't really discuss politics on the Internet anymore. That's about to change.

The book's working title is For Your Country. I'm going to be secretive as to what this book is actually about. I've only told a few people what my pen name is going to be. That's not going to be public until the book is public. It will be shared on social media.

I am trying to get it published before the next election, certainly. Would love to have it released before the summer. These are arbitrary dates. The real deadline is 2020-03-15, with editing to follow.

It will be a digital-only publication. A print edition will only be made if demand dictates it. The book will cost $2.99.

Despite the bombing of my first book, I love to write. After that punch to the gut I have since gotten up, dusted myself off and will try again. Even if no one wants me to. Perhaps because no one wants me to.


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