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Midnight Project

I have a little refurbished Dell Latitude E7240 and a big, far more powerful, and also refurbished Acer Aspire E15 (model number N16Q2). For sanity's sake the less powerful one is the Dell and the beefier, more powerful laptop is the Acer.

Currently I have Ubuntu Studio running on the Dell laptop. I have Windows 10 on the more powerful Acer laptop.

I have been needing a Windows 10 unit in order to do objective assessments with my online university, but I am done with that now.

So tonight I'm going to switch things up a bit. I am currently backing up files on the Dell to my Google Drive. There were only 500MB of files stored on this machine; just about all the media I have is in the cloud somewhere or on an externat hard drive I can't find at the moment. The Dell laptop will then be designated for the purpose of casually browsing the Internet. It should be much faster after the installation of Lubuntu is complete.

On the Acer I am going to install Ubuntu Studio. I have decided that my most powerful machine will always have a partition of Ubuntu Studio. This will be for creative projects, such as video editing, music making, drawing and writing. The more powerful processor should be able to render 4K video. The Dell laptop crashes every time I try to do this, so I'll be using Ubuntu Studio on the Acer instead. There will also be a small partition of Windows 10 left on it for the purposes of holding a few games and for compatibility, even though almost everything can run on Linux these days and I am tempted not to even have a Window 10 partition. Only time will tell if I actually decide to keep that.

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