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Incredibles 2 Asks The Important Question

Why the hell haven't electric motorcycles taken off yet?

Seriously, you think they'd be a lot more popular given they've already built one that can go from 1-100 kph in a second

a second

a second



and that was 11 years ago! It's like putting a power drill on its side; that's the kind of instant torque you can expect from throwing electric motor in anything!

You would think by now there would be some brand somewhere in America that would have taken off and challenged the likes of Harley. A brand as ubiquitous for electric motorcycles as Tesla is for electric cars?

Maybe Elon Musk will figure it out, or maybe Zero will get enough marketing cash to break into the mainstream.

Either way, it would be really fun to ride one of these, to feel like a superhero zipping past commuters going 0-100 in

O N E S E C O N D.

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