Want to Know Something Cool?

I live on the bottom floor. Half of my apartment is below grade; it has absolute insulation from the world outside.

The place that I live in is naturally cool and it draws down cold air from the apartments above.

Because of this, even when the temperature outside is a sweltering 38°C the temperature inside never exceeds 25°.

The air conditioner never has to run, and that is awesome.

Hard Reset

After Pups staged a very serious intervention, we have reached the following agreement:

If he is to let me be a part of his Birthday celebration, I will have to demonstrate that I can be mature enough to attend this and other KCFur events.

Because of this, I cannot move forward. I can only go back, way back, the very beginning.

With the exceptions of Victor, Lucky, Wind, FireTyger, “FireDrone,” and everyone that lives at Pups’s residence, I will be meeting everyone in the group again for the first time.

Because I have clearly demonstrated that I cannot handle the burden of the past, the weight now rests on the shoulders of KCFur. It is up to them to decide what happens next and how they handle it.

Since 2012, the city of Pittsburgh has taken two landmarks during AnthroCon and made them fabulous. This is one of them.

By doing this, the city admits beyond a reasonable doubt that the LGBT community has a significant influence over the furry fandom and that its demographics are lopsided compared to the mundanes that live there.

Because of this, in spite of the fact that there are straight furries the fandom is, in fact, a “gay thing” and everyone knows it.