Bitcoin Is Stupid

It serves no value as a currency. It makes as much sense as handing the cashier a certificate for “three barrels of oil” to buy a new 4K TV.

For those of you that don’t know, that’s not even $300. Who knows when the price is going to make a ten-fold move to the upside, and when that does happen, the value of the dollar will have dropped below the original value of the TV.

That is the problem with Bitcoin. It is an artificial commodity. Anyone can speculate on its value, and it is a finite resource. However, like gold and unlike oil, it has no practical purpose beyond making transactions. The practical demand of it is worthless.

This is the problem with Austrian economists in general. They claim that real currency and the stock market have “no value” then get pummeled into the dirt every time they chase momentum, wake up and realize that the world isn’t going to end.

Smart investors don’t throw money at something just to preserve the wealth they have; they also find the best time to jump in so that it can continue to grow.

From 1992-2008 no one I knew of took Libertarian doctrine seriously.

Every time they took a step on their soapbox to glorify how great gold is I always called bullshit to wait for the coming crash.

It happened in 1980, it happened last year and it will happen again. In fact, if you held on to the precious metal for 24 years, you still have not gained anything:


Bitcoin is no different. Its value will be tied to economic distress and nothing more, and we are just going to have to live with that.

Do Female Characters Face Too Much Scrutiny?

It seems like the standards set for characters that are male are pretty low. Nerdy black guy? Okay. Redneck with a shotgun? No problem. The way they present themselves sexually is seldom criticized anymore, even if the male character is gay, as long as they contribute to the plot.

Female characters, on the other hand, have everything thrown at them when a film is being reviewed. I she too pretty? Too fat? Too slutty? A bimbo? A b*tch? Appearance seems to matter a lot more here, and to add insult to injury, black women have even less room to work with because, let’s face it, the real world has even fewer examples of black women in leadership roles.

If a woman does play a major role, they still have to walk on eggshells to satisfy the ideals of the critics. When I go online or do a search and see a movie review, the way the female characters act almost always shows up, but the way men act in the film, however foolish, is seldom discussed in-depth (and in many cases never brought up).

While no one seems to have issues with women playing leadership roles anymore, does fitting an entire gender into a small ideal box help or hurt the feminist cause? Should Hollywood do more to accurately portray female personalities that already exist?